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When someone you love joins our family, you can be assured they will live life to the fullest. Independence is embraced here, supported by our network of trained professionals, loving families and supportive community members. At Hammer, adults and children are treated with dignity and respect and it begins with having a voice in their own care. We believe in achieving goals and realizing dreams, so we provide as much support as we can to make it happen. You will be warmly welcomed into the Hammer family.

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We have over 40 Hammer homes and apartment programs, with staff serving over 200 adults and children throughout the western suburbs of the Twin Cities.

Our homes and apartments are adapted as needed to meet the range of age and abilities with 24-hour staffing, state of the art keyless entries, safety, security, private rooms, ample living space and on-staff nursing. When you place your loved one in our care, we ensure a positive, safe environment with well-educated, experienced, and certified professionals.
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We honor individual abilities by offering a wide range of services designed to increase independence, while meeting physical and emotional need. When you place your loved ones in our care, we ensure that they will live and grow in a positive environment surrounded by educated, certified and nurturing professionals. How can we support your loved one?

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We continue to be a successful leader in the disability services industry. Our person-centered approach highlights each individual’s needs and what is important to them. We work daily to give voice and meaning to each person’s daily life.

Independence and fulfillment are at the core of our mission, by providing the support needed for people with disabilities to live meaningful, self-directed lives.
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Hammer Travel offers a variety of travel opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. Travel provides unique and enjoyable experiences for everyone, and it is our goal to meet the needs of each of our travelers to make your dreams come true! Our experienced team members work with you in all aspects of the travel process; ensuring a safe, fun and memorable trip.

We are a community of people who respect an individual’s abilities, whose collective spirit makes dreams come true and whose innovations continue to lead the way. We are excited to further our mission by offering Hammer Travel.
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Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” We know that when our dynamic staff, donors, advocates, and volunteers come together for the greater good of this organization, amazing things happen. We also know that the more we give, the greater the reward. How do you want to get involved?
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We know that when our staff, volunteers, board members and families come together, we are a powerful force to advocate for change. Home and community-based services (HCBS) increase independence for people with disabilities and provide opportunities for community support and participation.

Hammer’s advocacy efforts aim to bring together our main stakeholder groups to support and bring change that improves the lives of the people we serve.
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Helping someone reach their individual goals and dreams is an amazing gift that you can give. As a Hammer volunteer, you will be helping adults and children with developmental disabilities experience life to its fullest.

We sustain a robust network of volunteers by offering a variety of activities for both individuals and groups. Whether you are a companion, special events volunteer, or exercise partner, the gift of your time and talent can be life changing.
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Respecting abilities. Reaching for opportunities. Realizing dreams.
We make these promises and we keep them for you, for your loved one, and for our staff, volunteers, and donors.

When you place your loved one in our care, you can feel confident they will have a positive experience in a safe environment, staffed by well-educated, experienced, and certified professionals.
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At Hammer, we are proud to offer you a career with purpose. As a result of our workplace culture, for six consecutive years we have had the honor of been named one of the Star Tribune’s Top 100 Workplaces. Hammer is one of only 13 organizations statewide to receive the honor of this award for six consecutive years. Learn More.

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