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At Hammer, we are proud to offer you a career with purpose. We value diversity, life-long learning, and person-centered collaboration within a caring and professional workplace environment. As a result of our workplace culture, for seven years in a row, we have been named one of the Top 150 Workplaces in the Twin Cities, by the Star Tribune. Hammer is one of only 13 organizations statewide to receive the honor of this award for seven consecutive years. 

“We are honored and humbled as an organization to know that our staff members feel a deep sense of purpose and direction in their work, and it is with their support that we have become a top workplace. One of our core values as an organization is to provide a workplace where people are appreciated and recognized for their good work,” said Hammer CEO John Estrem. Providing adults and children with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to experience life to its fullest is rewarding and life-changing work.

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Career Opportunities


Headquartered in Wayzata, we have 37 houses and 10 apartment programs in western Hennepin County. We also provide services for people who live in their own homes, case management, care coordination, and support planning services. We have a travel division called Hammer Travel where we take groups of people on vacations.

We offer benefits to both our part-time and full-time employees. Benefits offered includes medical insurance, dental insurance, 401k, short-term disability insurance, life insurance, and generous paid time off. We offer other employee perks such as education grants, a car repair assistance program, discounts with local businesses and more. Check out our exciting career opportunities below.

Direct Support Professional (DSP)

Hammer Residences is seeking high-quality direct care staff for 4-person group homes, 6-person group homes, apartment style programs, and 1:1 in-home care. The Direct Support Professional is the most important role in our organization. As a DSP, you will directly support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The people we serve live in Hammer’s group homes or apartment programs with the support of caring teams who provide on-going assistance, teach independent living skills, support health and personal cares, help with household tasks, and offer social and emotional support.

Qualifications: Staff must have good written and oral communication skills, be comfortable using a computer, must be at least 18 years old, must be documented to work in the U.S., and must be able to pass a background check. Experience not necessary—training will be provided. Those with experience as a Personal Care Attendant (PCA), Human Services Technician, Direct Care Worker, paraprofessional or an Advocate for people with disabilities or the elderly tend to have similar experience to that of a DSP.

Schedules available: Awake overnights, asleep overnights, afternoons/evenings, and weekends. Part-time and full-time options.

Locations: we have 47 different programs scattered throughout the west metro. We have locations in St. Louis Park, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Crystal, Golden Valley, New Hope, Eden Prairie, Edina, Maple Grove, and Plymouth.

Wages: Staff are paid an hourly wage comparable to similar companies in the metro area. There is opportunity for overtime. Our benefits package is worth roughly an additional $5/hour to our employees’ hourly wage.

Benefits: We offer competitive benefits packages for our part-time and full-time employees. Benefits available include medical insurance, dental insurance, 401k, short-term disability, life insurance, and paid time off. All Hammer employees are able to take advantage of employee perks such as a car repair assistance program and continuing education grants.

To apply: Please submit an application, resume, and cover letter through the link below. Our recruiter will contact you once your application has been received. If you are experiencing difficulty with the application process/site, please contact Katie Binning at or 952-345-8555.


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Program Department Coordinator

The Program Department Coordinator will facilitate Hammer’ submission of service records to county and state agencies. They will also serve as a key contact for Hammer’s collaboration with the Altair ACO as well as serving as a primary contact for new or perspective individuals seeking services.


Working directly with program managers and program directors the Program Department Coordinator will:
•Serve as primary initial contact for new individuals and families seeking Hammer services.
•Provide information on Hammer services
•Facilitate new family meetings
•Facilitate site tours
•Assist in the execution of Hammer “Open House” events
•Maintain demographic information for interested individuals.
•Complete and submit required documentation to county and state funding entities.
•Collect completed staffing spreadsheets from managers and directors
•Complete county funding request (6790 form or other)
•Confirm totals with Hammer’s finance department
•Submit forms to county representative and save for Hammer records.
•Submit exception request forms as needed for individual funding
•Coordinate Hammer’s efforts with the Altair ACO group
•Provide leadership and coordination around Hammer’s involvement with LifePLan completions
•Facilitate processes involved with DHS Incentive grants
•Collaborate with internal and external resources toward implementation of Health Information Exchange.
•Additional duties assigned by Chief Program Officer

•High School Diploma, post-secondary education Preferred
•Experience utilizing electronic systems
•Excellent written and spoken communication skill
•Ability to coordinate concurrent projects-Project Management experience preferred
•Strong organizational skills
•Ability to work independently as well as part of a team
•Strong computer skills

Hours: 40 per week

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Program Managers (PM)

The Program Manager is responsible for supervising the daily operation of the house in which he/she works.  He/she will develop/utilize systems to ensure the household operations are smooth and efficient.

The Program Manager will do the following:

Develop positive relationships with the people being served, their family members, support staff, management team, consultants, and other service providers.

Facilitate the Interdisciplinary Team in developing individualized program services and will insure that these services are provided as designed. Complete necessary paperwork related to the services being provided.

Ensure that the household operates within the budget assigned.

Follow all pertinent policies, regulations, and procedures, relating to the delivery of services and the general management of the organization.

Queensland Program Manager Opening

Queensland is home to three women in their 50s to 70s and one man in his 50s. All individuals enjoy watching television and movies, going out for dinner, latch hooking, reading, playing Wii, doing puzzle books, socializing with staff and going out in the community. The man we support loves playing Play Station 3, playing Wii, watching the Twins and attending sporting events–he enjoys talking about sports! All individuals require some verbal assistance with ADLs and all require staff support with interpersonal relationships. One individual needs physical assistance when walking with her walker. All individuals are on a low fat, low cholesterol diet with one woman on a low sugar diet as well. All house members have chores they complete with staff assistance. During peak hours there are two staff, with one asleep overnight staff.

Duties includes:

  • Support individuals who live with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live life to the fullest.
  • Manage a staff team of Direct Support Professionals and Assistant Program Manager(s) to effectively care for the people you support.
  • Administrative duties include scheduling, payroll, and 245D documentation.
  • Maintain excellent relationships and communication with individuals’ families, volunteers, day programs/jobs, and social networks.
  • Developing programming to support person-centered practices and encouraging the independence of the people you support.
  • An ideal candidate would have experience as a Program Manager, Program Coordinator, and/or QDDP/QIDP. Seeking someone who is confident in their leadership and decision making skills.

The schedule for this position is 20 hours of administrative time and 20 hours of direct care—direct care schedule is open for discussion based on a qualified candidates availability and preference, as well as current open hours at Queensland.

Submit your application by Wednesday May 3rd.

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Assistant Program Managers (APM)

Assistant Program Managers do mostly direct care duties (see job description for Direct Support Professional), and assist their Program Manager with a few administrative tasks. The administrative tasks are generally one or two of the following:

Medical: keeping track of individual’s medical needs and appointment calendars, scheduling appointments, accompanying individuals to their appointments, ordering medications, ordering medical supplies, etc.

Financial: keeping track of individual’s petty cash, bank runs, assisting folks with paying bills, etc.

Activities: signing individuals up for activities that they are interested in, keeping the program calendar up to date, communicating with team re: plans, etc.

Shopping: purchasing groceries and supplies for the program.

For any DSP, this would be a promotion in wages and responsibilities. It’s a great position for anyone who is interested in “leadership light”—you do not have to supervise/manage employees, but you get the chance to start learning the “behind the scenes” operation of Hammer programs. Experience is not required, but it is preferred. Please see below for our current list of openings.

Arkansas Assistant Program Manager
Arkansas is the home of 4 gentlemen ranging in age from 68 to 79. They enjoy going out to eat, out for coffee, shopping, sporting events especially to see the Twins and Wild and so on. Two men are ambulatory and two are non-ambulatory but are able to walk short distances with the assistance of staff. There is some lifting involved with two of the men and staff assistance is needed with all individuals for the majority of their ADLs. Two of the men are quite shy around new people but will warm up over time. One of the individuals is very talkative and enjoys looking at photographs as well as pictures he has colored. One individual is non-verbal and does not sign though he does SIB at times and is able to understand everything that is said to him.  There are two staff on during peak hours and the one overnight staff is awake.

Schedule: Tuesday staff mtgs 1st wk 5p-7p, Wednesday  7a-8p, Thursday  7a-2p, Friday  7a-3:30p and Saturday  10:30a-8:00p for a total of 38 hours.

Duties: organizing and keeping the financial books updated, scheduling and helping with medical appointments and ordering medications when needed. Duties are up for negotiation based on a qualified candidate’s skills and interests.

Carlson Assistant Program Manager openings

The Carlson program is home to 6 vibrant individuals (4 female and 2 male) ranging from 43 to 79 years old. The home is a two level style rambler, with three individuals living upstairs and three living downstairs. They enjoy going to various project soar classes, going out to eat, going to the library, doing art, walking at the YMCA, exercise, forever friends, plays, shows, concerts, twins games, craft classes, joking around with each other, and spending time outside when the weather is nice.  They are a fun and lively group who are independent, enjoy structure, and need some verbal prompting and or physical assistance with some activities of daily living. The individuals at Carlson have been living together for over 15 years, and have developed long lasting relationships with each other.

APM Position 1: Medical APM
Monday-Friday: 1-9p
Total hours = 40.

APM Position 2: Financial/Activities APM
Sunday: 9a-9p (flexible)
Monday: 3-9p
Tuesday: 4-9p
Wednesday: 4-9p
Thursday: 3-9p
Total hours = 34 + 3 admin = 37 hours

Cedarwood Assistant Program Manager
Cedarwood is home to four men ranging in age from their 40s – 60s. The men enjoy sports, movies, going to the lake and to church, playing a game of Uno, visiting the Humane Society and utilizing their art skills. All four men at Cedarwood are non-ambulatory, and require the use of wheelchairs to mobilize. All four men need some level of assistance with ADLs; this varies from total care to assistance with dressing, and transferring. We use a Sit-to-Stand lift for three of the individuals and a Hoyer lift for one individual who can NOT bear weight. One individual is non-verbal and uses a communication board to communicate. One person has a seizure disorder and may require the use of a PRN per his seizure protocol. One individual also has a special diet which consists of pureed foods/thickened liquids.  During peak hours there are two staff on with one awake and one asleep staff Sunday -Thursday and one awake staff Friday/Saturday.

Schedule:  Monday 3p-9p, Tuesday 10a-6p, Wednesday 10a-6p, Thursday 10a-6p, Friday OFF except staff meetings held the last Friday of the month from noon-2p, Saturday OFF, Sunday 9a-4p. Total 37 hours.

Duties: ordering medications, scheduling appointments, balancing the individuals cash-on-hand books, shopping for groceries and household supplies, and other duties as assigned.

Vicksburg Village Apartments Assistant Program Manager Opening

Vicksburg Village is an apartment program in Plymouth that currently serves 12 individuals. The individuals at Vicksburg have a wide range of abilities, likes, and ages, and are a joy to be around.  They enjoy utilizing the apartment amenities such as walking trails, the fitness center, or the pool.  They also enjoy going out to movies, playing a variety of sports, spending time with friends and family, and hanging out together in the community apartment playing games or watching movies.  Each of our individuals needs some assistance with developing the skills to live more independently (i.e. cooking, maintaining their apartments, doing laundry, social skills, and work skills).

Schedule: Sunday-Thursday 2p-10p each day=40 hrs/wk; every 1st Tuesday of the month from 6pm-9pm is the staff meeting.
*Collect Bank Statements/Pay Stubs by the end of the month and make sure they are all turned into finance
*Pay Room and Board
*Check all Custodian statements/Room and Board statements
*Balance Custodian accounts
*Pay bills
*Log and turn in all activity payments
*Order cash on hand
*Make sure cash on hand balances are accurate
*Monitor asset limits
*Double checking data sheets to make sure that people are documenting and documenting correctly
*Communicate to PM and discrepancies
*Make sure data sheets are out before the end of the month
*Any other duties assigned by the PM

WAGES: Assistant Program Managers (APMs) are paid a higher wage than our Direct Support Professional position. Overtime is time and a half for any hours worked over 40 per week. Benefits include medical insurance, dental insurance, 401k, life insurance, short term disability, and paid time off. Any paid time off is paid out at the higher APM wage.

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Children's Home Direct Support Professional (DSP)

Hammer Residences is seeking high-quality direct care staff for a 4-person children’s home. Lisbeth Place is a home to four teenage boys. The guys love to eat food, make food and buy food! They enjoy sports, card games, board games, electronic games, and community activities. The young men need support from staff in regards to mental health, challenges with transitions, and some sensory processing but they also have a lot of fun!  

Qualifications: Staff must have excellent written and oral communication skills, be a team player, have excellent relationship building skills, must be at least 21 years old, must be physically able to use proper lifting/transferring techniques for individual who is in a wheelchair, and must be able to pass a foster child level background check. Those who have experience with children who have disabilities preferred.

Schedules available: 1 awake overnight position, 1 part-time position, and a few full-time positions which are generally a combination of an asleep overnight, afternoons/evening shifts, and at least 1 weekend shift.

Wages: Staff who work at the children’s home are paid a differential due to the extra qualification and training requirements. Opportunities for milestone increases tied to experience, training and performance.

Benefits: Hammer offers a competitive benefits package to their part-time and full-time employees. Benefits available for full-time staff include medical, dental 401k, short term disability, life insurance, and paid time off. All Hammer employees are able to take advantage of employee perks such as a car repair assistance program and continuing education grants.

To apply: Please submit an application, resume, and cover letter through the link below.

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Hammer Travel Trip Leader

If you love to travel and would like to help others experience the joys of travel, then please join our team! Hammer Travel is a division of Hammer Residences. Check out Hammer Travel.

Trip Leader: The Trip Leader is responsible for supervising the daily operation of the trip which he/she is assigned. He/she will ensure the trip itinerary runs smooth and efficiently and oversees the medical, financial and personal needs of travelers, with the assistance of other travel team members.

Travel Staff (1:1 Specialist): The 1:1 specialist is responsible for supporting an individual in need of extra assistance while on a trip. 1:1 specialists are part of the travel team while on a trip, and follow direction from the Trip Leader for all trip related details, plans, etc. 

This is a part-time position, to be combined with part-time or full-time hours at a Hammer group home or apartment program. Submit your application today!


To apply: Please submit an application, resume, and cover letter through the link below.

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Hammer Residences is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
All qualified applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other basis protected by law.