Our Culture


Welcome to the Hammer Family

You are an important part of our culture. We are honored to welcome you and your loved one as a family member. When you place your loved one in our care, you can feel confident they will have a positive experience in a safe environment, staffed by well-educated, experienced, and certified professionals.

Caring Staff
Our staff make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities, and we offer a caring, professional workplace that supports collaboration and personal growth. We value unique talents, life-experience, and autonomy, with a person-centered focus.

Volunteers and Donors
You are a vital part of our Hammer family, so we care deeply about providing you with meaningful experiences. Our culture of giving is more than just writing a check. We want to learn more about you and your passions, so you can join us in fulfilling our mission in a meaningful way.

Community Life

Health and wellness is a vital part of our culture, so we encourage and empower each individual we serve, along with our staff members to make healthy, informed, and well-balanced choices. We promote and support fitness programs and wellness classes and as a result, we’ve built a workplace culture that supports a healthy lifestyle. Making friends and socializing within the community are essential for living a full life, so we encourage it! We utilize community resources and volunteers to make sure the people we serve can do what they love. We help coordinate trips to yoga class, hair appointments, shopping malls, church services, and social engagements.

Our staff members also have the opportunity to be part of activities such as salad bar Wednesdays once a month, weekly fresh fruit deliveries, and a noon walking group.

Training and Education

We provide shared learning for our family members with an avenue to expand their knowledge and network of connections. It is deep in our roots as an organization. Our rich history and legacy of shared learning go back to our founder Alvina Hammer who was a nurse, and Evelyn Carlson who was a teacher. Together they developed learning partnerships with professionals and family members to help measure the results and outcomes of a fulfilled life for an individual living with an intellectual disability.

We are thrilled to have the unique opportunity to connect, learn, and work together with individuals we support and their family members. Collaboration naturally strengthens relationships, and learning from each other naturally increases collaboration. Our goal is to walk beside someone, helping them along throughout their daily life.

For more information contact Cate Saracen-Peters at 952-277-2442 or cate@hammer.org